Thank you everyone for celebrating Juneteenth 2022 with us on Father’s Day in Cadman Plaza Park!

A special thank you to our all of our artists, poets, and performers whose amazing contributions made our day incredibly meaningful. Thank you to all of the businesses participating! We enjoyed visiting your tables all afternoon.

A very special thank you to all of our incredible sponsors for their commitment and support: Buffalo Boss-Organic Chicken Wings and Things at 400 Jay St in downtown Brooklyn- Thank you for being a Top-Tier Sponsor!

Thank you to Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez’s team, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, “Everything’s Trash” production company and Iris Cafe located in Brooklyn Bridge Park for catering lunch for our Juneteenth participants. Thank you to our friends from the Brooklyn Hospital group for providing free blood pressure screenings!Sending a heartfelt thank you to NYC Parks Manager Andrea Keyes for your super support. You’re the best! And last but not least, a very special thank you to Neversee for being an important part of our Juneteenth team in Cadman!