Thank you to Nicholas Loud at the Brooklyn Downtown Star for this wonderful coverage of our event!

“We are calling the event Super Bowl Sunday,” Gallo joked. “We are going to be planting the flowers in front of the park’s flagpoles, around the side of the circle garden, and near the War Memorial.”

The Conservancy is also organizing an ongoing series of gardening circle groups, allowing community members to plant remaining tulip bowls with the help of a Parks Department gardener. Reservations for these smaller events can be made by contacting the conservancy,

“We like catering to both large and small groups,” Gallo said. “We’ve already had gardening circles of families and local residents. We’ve also had teenagers come with whole groups of friends to plant flowers together.”

At first, Gallo was concerned that the conservancy would not be able to plant all of the new flowers. So far, the community interest in gardening circles and the Super Bowl Sunday event have made her far less concerned about having leftovers.

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To make reservations for a gardening circle group contact us at