The Conservancy

The mission of the Cadman Park Conservancy is to partner with governmental agencies, the New York City Parks Department, and neighborhood and local community organizations in order to maintain and enhance the quality of life in and around Cadman Park.

The Conservancy, a volunteer run 501c3 nonprofit organization, strives to maximize park usage, provide availability to all neighboring communities, ensure regular maintenance and continue the beautification, cleanliness, and safety of the park. The conservancy has a unique honor and mission to preserve the park’s historical integrity through special programs and events.



Toba  Potosky
Vice President
Leonard T. Jordan, Jr.
Eric Guy
Irene E. Janner
Executive Members
Rick Brown
Gerald LeRoy



Board Of Directors

Kaesun Alexis-John
Cathleen Becker
Matthew Bellwoar
Rick Brown
Agnes N. Djaha
Mike Ferrara
Doreen Gallo

Katie Gillies
Robbie Gillies
Yesenia Gonzalez
Eric Guy
Irene E. Janner
Leonard T. Jordan, Jr.
Rebecca Leighton
Gerald LeRoy
Robert London, Jr.
Serhiy Mshanetskiy
Cheryl Moch, LMSW
Ronni Kanig Potosky
Toba Potosky
Ms. Toby Zimmerman






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